29% of companies fail because money runs out or is poorly managed. Don’t let it happens to you. Today you can start reducing that risk with our help:

CFO as a Service

We help you with the financial strategy of your business. For urgent short term projects and longer term engagements, offering you flexibility in time and cost.

Some of the activities we do for you:

  • Improve Financial stability and growth
  • Resolve Cash Flow Challenges
  • Providing reporting and Long/Short term Forecasting
  • Optimize Systems for Scalable Growth

Accounting and Payroll

  • Financial Accounting:
  • Ongoing Financial accounting
  • Production of balance sheets and annual financial statements according to Belarus GAAP
  • Payment transaction and document management
  • Payroll Accounting:
  • Hr Management and skill appraisal
  • Filing of tax ad social insurance return

Merger and Adquisions

We offer advisory, consulting and valuation for for the seller and buyer side.

  • Seller and buyer representation
  • Market place assessment
  • Valuation Services and value building
  • Strategy development and implementation

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